The world of video games has levelled up thanks to the arrival of online game modes. What very few know is that many users expose their personal data running the risk that they end up in the wrong hands. Do you want to know how to solve it?

Privacy When We Play Online

Years ago, video games only had a story mode, but the arrival of online mode – where players could interact with others regardless of time and place – was a revolution for the industry. The problem that few users know is that playing online can put our privacy at risk.

Our Data at Stake

Many people believe that their data is safe when they use the online mode of video games, but it must be remembered that in recent years there have been several attacks in the industry. This is the case of Sony PlayStation, where there was a security breach in the PlayStation Network, thus causing a massive theft of passwords and bank details of the players.

And it is that gamers transfer all kinds of data on their game consoles. Not only the simple ones like the name and age, but also information that may be insignificant, but that can be used to know the player’s routine, such as the timeline of his activity and the achievements obtained throughout the day.

When we create a user for our console it does not mean that it is valid in all video games. There are developers who ask to create a separate user in order to enjoy the online service. In that case, it may be advisable to use different nicknames and passwords, and thus avoid that in case our data is in danger it is not of great magnitude.

Beware of accessories

Video consoles have been evolving in order to improve the player experience. For example, Xbox and PlayStation have cameras as accessories in those games in which it is necessary to use our bodies to perform actions such as dancing or exercising.

This can put our privacy at risk because sometimes we do not know if the images collected by our camera could end up in the hands of the company that developed the video game or, what is worse, in the hands of other users.

It is also advisable to take extreme precautions with portable consoles, and even mobile consoles, since these devices can provide our geolocation data since there are games that reward the player for travelling kilometres in real life. These data that we provide can become an easy target for other players whose intentions are not appropriate.

Play With Your Head

From we recommend our gamers, readers, to enjoy video games, but with caution when providing data when creating a nickname.

It is also advisable to review the terms and conditions provided by video games, in order to be aware of where our data will end up. And here, we remember that, as a rule, it is not appropriate to put our real name, surname or date of birth as a nickname.