Who does not like music? I imagine that, if you have come to read this post, you will be one of those people who love to listen to music and who a simple song can brighten up the bitter day. However, I believe that there are two ways of “coping” with music: a more “passive” one, which consists of listening to it; and another more ‘active’, which consists of creating it. That being able to create music sounds good, right? Well, today we are going to teach you how to achieve it thanks to apps with which you can learn to play the piano from your mobile.

Best Piano Apps for Android

At the core of our being, we all envy those virtuous musicians who are able to play instruments such as the guitar, the violin or the piano. Although we can hardly match his years at the conservatory, technology can lend us a hand when it comes to learning. A perfect time to use technology educationally seems to be these long and boring days of quarantine by COVID-19.

You have many plans to make at home. For example, you can do sports in your living room thanks to multiple applications, such as the Movistar apps, available on Movistar +, with which you can do yoga exercises or even live vibrant live concerts thanks to GoMusic.

You can also read the books recommended by the greats of the Internet, addicted to the video games that we brought you in this list or learn to use Photoshop from scratch. Although better to learn to play the piano from your mobile, right? Let’s start!

Perfect Piano

The developers of this app know that it is difficult for you to have a grand piano in your living room. Therefore, they made this tool so that, a smartphone or a tablet, you could play the piano in a simple and intuitive way. It is ideal for beginners, but intermediate or advanced level pianists can also use this tool.

In addition, on YouTube, there are thousands of videos of users of the application teaching others to play different songs and themes. Check out the PIANODROID 2 channel, which includes hundreds of videos on this.


Unlike the previous one, with Flowkey you will need to have a keyboard at home. You can be acoustic or digital, it doesn’t matter. You can choose from over 1000 songs and learn about chords, technique and sheet music reading. It’s great for learning how to play your favourite songs or tunes.


The same goes for this app. Although you will also have to have a piano or keyboard at home, you can use other keyboard simulation tools for smartphones. Use the tools that technology gives you to find a way to turn your mobile phone, tablet or even computer into a piano.

Includes step-by-step video tutorials in a fun way. Plus, the app will listen to you play to give you instant feedback on your accuracy and coordination. Without a doubt, one of the best apps to learn to play the piano from your mobile.

Royal piano teacher

Finally, an application with more than 300,000 downloads. It emulates a piano teacher and is used so that, in addition to learning to play the piano from your mobile, you can have fun with a multitude of games and the great ‘Magic Keys and Freestyle’ mode. As in the previous tools, you can also choose the level.