The Artificial Intelligence is part of our daily lives. Many homes have devices of this technology such as Aura, Telefónica’s Artificial Intelligence; and they have even become a very important tool in some sectors. But the novelty is in the use of Artificial Intelligence in job interviews.

Artificial Intelligence

In 2018, 40% of large companies such as Amazon, Tesla or LinkedIn, used AI applications in their selection processes, where candidates face game-like tests in order to demonstrate their expertise in a given situation.

The use of these systems has reduced the hiring time by 75% and the costs of carrying out a selection process by 25%.

Any Detail Counts

Many users who have come to an interview have taken care of the smallest detail in order to make a real interviewer feel good, but you also have to take care of all the details if the interview is not carried out by an AI.

One of the most used tools by companies is HireVue. The purpose of this application is to conduct the interview via videoconference and analyze responses and body gestures. Obtain more than 25,000 information points from the applicant in a 15-minute interview.

Another of the most used software by companies is Pymetrics, which allows the interviewee to perform psychotechnical tests through games. In this way, they detect the candidate’s ability to interpret a situation and solve the problem.

Classes to “beat” AI

With the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, the need arises to learn how to pass the tests when it comes to finding a job.

For example, in South Korea, they are teaching students to pass the selection process for a small fee, 100,000 won, which is equivalent to 78 euros.

In 2019 these courses exceeded 700 students who were students, recent graduates and even teachers. This figure is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years. Although these courses do not guarantee that students exceed AI expectations.

The case of South Korea may be striking for users, but Artificial Intelligence in job interviews is also found in the world.

Several companies claim that the use of Artificial Intelligence in job interviews improves the candidate’s experience and is a very important tool to select a large number of applicants.

Another point in favour is that it eliminates the biases of the candidates and selects those whose competencies are adequate to the requirements that the company requests.

As you can see, Artificial Intelligence is making great strides. What will it bring us soon?