Your stay




Sample menu:

8-9 – Breakfast

Freshly baked croissants and French bread, fresh fruit salad, porridge and other continental cereals, yogurt, boiled free range eggs, fruit juice, tea and coffee. Take as much as you like.

1-2 pm – Lunch

Homemade quiche, Seasonal salad, Freshly made humus with a selection of veg to dip, French cheese and ham.

4.30-5 – Afternoon Tea

Homebaked cake with tea or coffee.

7pm – Appératifs

Refreshments and nibbles.

8pm – Dinner

Starter – Salad with caramalised pear and local goats cheese. Main – Fillet of salmon or chicken on a bed of vegetables with Quinoa and Bulgur. Dessert – Fresh strawberries or raspberries from the garden. Coffee


Train like a pro while we
take care of your every need…

At Tri-Topia, we’re committed to giving you everything you need for a great stay – leaving you to focus on why you’re here – to train.

Tri-Topia offers fully nutritionally balanced meals 6 days a week with flexible arrangements and recommendations on what and where to eat for any time you’re out and about and the one day a week Sam and Lee save for the kids. At Tri-Topia you get a great all-round experience – your stay – the accommodation – the catering – the facilities – the training – for you as an individual, your family or sporting club.

Tasty and nutritious

It is essential for an athlete to consider their nutrition as much as he does every other element of his training. “You are what you eat” as the saying goes, cannot be more true.

Calories burned during the day need to be replaced and we aim to provide you with the best nutrition available to us from homegrown produce straight from our smallholding within the grounds of Tri-Topia.

Our goal

Our ethos as a whole is to provide our guests with a complete package of a very high standard. Our food is no exception. Lee has been working in the hospitality industry as a chef for 15 years and has a varied and interesting taste in food from Asian to European flavours.

Tri-Topia is all about first class care, treating our guests in the same way we’d expect to be treated ourselves. Train like a pro, full board, fully catered – our holidays hold no hidden surprises. Plus, being a family run business you can rest assured you’ll find a warm and friendly environment.

Dietary requirements.
Please make sure you let us know about any dietary requirements you might have. We will do our very best to cater for allergies but ask those who are Gluten free to bring along some of the snacks and pasta they use as this is not readily available in France as it is in the UK. All evening meals are 3 courses and there is always plenty of food to re-fuel you after a hard days training. You can look forward to sitting down to a meal freshly picked from our smallholding, prepared with care and imagination.

Continental – with fresh croissants, French bread, porridge, yoghurt, fruit, eggs. You will have plenty to chose from that will get you off to a good start.

Usually consists of a combination of sandwiches with fresh French bread, French cheeses and meats and or home made soups. Lunch is normally taken at Tri-Topia. One day in your weeks stay lunch is taken at the local lake in the form of a BBQ or picnic with a spread of cold pasta salads, served buffet style. Take as little or as much as you like. In the afternoon we will provide you with a nice freshly baked cake, teas, coffee or hot chocolate to keep you going until dinner.