The beauty of running – simplicity…

Trainers on and let’s go. And with 100km of great running routes leaving from our door what could be more simple? Small country roads meander through some of the most beautiful countryside France has to offer and many other woodland cross country routes to choose from.

There is an abundance of wildlife in the area and you are never far away from mother nature – you’ll have every chance of encountering a deer or two along the way. Seeing a bear or wild boar might be the motivation you need or the source of the energy for that last 5km. We’re joking – there aren’t any bears.

Marks, set…

There are huindreds of miles of old disused railway lines made into walking and cycle tracks. All of which are beautifully flat and tree lined and perfect for accurate interval training and time trials. They are sheltered from the mid-day sun and the perfect way to explore whilst taking in some training.

Alternatively use the track at our local athletics club with whom we have an excellent working relationship.


meadow  barcelona