Three week countdown!

13/03/16 (Sam’s birthday!)

Another week has apparently already flown by again. The fact that it felt so fast is probably a good thing – it means I haven’t had to sit, rest, and let days drag by. Although I had lots of gastro issues especially early on in the week, I’ve been able to get in some ‘decent’ training. My training was most affected early on during the course of antibiotics. Low power, low heart rate. No physical and mental strength to push even to 70.3 race effort. The antibiotics were really affecting my tummy, which made running especially unpleasant.
Since my ear still hadn’t been feeling much better I had gone back to see the doctor a couple of times, and he took a sample from my ear to send to the lab to see what bacteria we needed to target. So, last Wednesday, over a week after my little incident, the doctor told me the bacteria had been resistant to the first two types of antibiotics that he had given me. Now I am finally on the right one and just have two more days of antibiotics left. Luckily this one doesn’t seem to affect me as much as the previous ones!
On Thursday I was able to get in a short and sharp hill session, joined by coach Lee. We had done hill reps on this one before (though last time Lee was in the van, cheering on a grumpy and scared girl in windy and wet conditions) so I had some previous power data in mind to compare it to. I started off hard, maybe too hard, and was pleased with the power that was showing up. The next few reps were pretty good as well, all between 15-20 watts higher than two weeks back! Then the fatigue and nausea kicked in and it didn’t feel quite right, power started dropping off. I managed to do 6 reps (instead of the 7 from last time), all higher in power, before we called it quits. It was good to see that even though training hasn’t been going the way we would have liked, we haven’t lost anything and my rested legs are getting stronger. The next day we agreed that I could do with a long, steady ride to keep up some endurance without wasting time with easy miles. My legs and heart felt good over the 100kms, I rode up the hills strong, held a good average power, and ended up with the best average speed over a long ride up to date. For those interested, that average speed was 27.6km/h. It’s funny how this was an exciting accomplishment for a ‘steady’ ride. Although frustrating at times, my perception of speed has had to be adapted due to all the hills and amazingly strong winds here on the island. It’ll be interesting to see what average speed will come out on race day.

Afternoon of sailing

Afternoon of sailing

Thomas Crew - happy birthday Sam!

Thomas Crew – happy birthday Sam!


——- That same evening I had the pleasure of sailing over to Fuerteventura with Sam, Lee, and the kids, as it was Sam’s birthday the next day. It was nice to have had my session one earlier on in the day so I could enjoy an easy afternoon. The next day we had an easy morning and as Lee got in the water for a little surf, I got to spoil Sam with my famous (and Meadow-, Sol-, and Sennen-approved) pancakes. Then we sailed over to Lobos, another little island in between Lanza and Fuerta. Here I did hill reps, running up the highest point of Lobos. The view from the top is spectacular, but my screaming legs and lungs ruined the moment every time I made it to the top. I ended up doing 4 reps, each way up taking about 4min30. On the last one I was determined to beat my fastest (and first) time. When I finally pressed ‘lap’ after that last ascent, I was pleased with a 10sec improvement. Unsurprisingly my heart rate had shot up to 190 and my legs were shaking uncontrollably. Yup, four reps was enough for today..! This was my first run in a while without any gastro issues, so I’m really pleased about that! It makes me excited about tomorrow’s training, and makes the rest of the week look all the more promising with only 2 days left of the antibiotics. The three week countdown is on.