Juggling the numbers

On reflection yesterday just makes me even more determined to get faster. I’ve been doing lots of what ifs and juggling numbers to see where I may of came if I had been able to finish but I DNFd so move on that’s it behind me.

Now what did I learn from yesterday that may help me in the future?

My lousy swim is where most of my improvement can be made, to get any chance of a Kona slot I need to be on the bike within the hour. I loose almost 10 minutes here. How can I get 10 mins faster? that’s the difference between 1:45 per 100m and 1:35.

A wetsuit swim helps me a lot but I don’t want to be a lazy swimmer and just rely on my wetsuit for poor swimming so I will think up some simple progression sessions for the pool. I’ll post the sessions I do and the times I’m hitting so if relevant to yourself you could follow and let me know how you get on.

As for the bike and run I’m going to concentrate on quality and speed, not so much on endurance as I feel I have good endurance from all the long rides and races I’ve done.

I may join the local cycling club and ride with pure cyclists for the winter this will shake up my cycling. And race some half marathons and 10ks for run speed, there I feel better already just from writing it down.