Ironman, Nice

So im all signed up for ironman Nice, i have a few worries about the mountainous bike coarse as I have no hills here where I live to replicate the training needed.


Before I go on about the bike, i was sent a very helpful swim post from the swim smooth guys about css “critical swim speed” the point they made was that we have a measurement of effort for the bike watts and power meters, on the run we have GPS and heart rate monitors, a simple fitness test can tell us how to hit the correct training intensity to work the system we are trying to improve. They have a calculator on their site which if you know your 400M PB and your 200m PB then it will calculate the best pace per 100 for you to train to best improve your speed over distance swims. have a look for your pace and train at the correct level this winter and come into the summer smashing your tri swim times.


Now my bike workouts are repetitive but I know they are what I need, so I repeat them 2-3 times a week. I am focusing on improving my FTP “functional threshold power” this is the most important number to increase as a triathlete we don’t need huge top end sprinting power its not used in a triathlon.

I do 10mins warm up followed by 20mins@85% FTP 4mins recovery 20mins @85% FTP I will be increasing the watts I need to hold for the 20mins every couple of weeks and checking my FTP every 4-5weeks. I will add an extra interval as my fitness gains allow.

All the intervals in the world won’t help my endurance so this winter I really will be doing some huge volume, it has to be more than previous years to work on endurance, so I won’t see the family again till the summer. Ooops I forgot about a balanced life style. I’ve got a half marathon in 3 weeks time i’ m looking forward to it and will use it to push hard.

All the long slow running I’ve been doing these last few years have made me a bit shy of pain so I’ll be racing a few races this winter.

Can’t wait to get started !