Training facilities

Swim, Bike and Run at Tri-Topia.

We feel Tri-Topia is the best place on earth for Triathlon Training. We know that’s quite a claim, but with our accommodation and care, climate, location and comprehensive on-site facilities we have everything a triathlete could dream of. All the ingredients to swim, bike or run to your heart’s content – directly from your pool-side or river bank, door or mini bus, running track or forest path. The most important goal of Tri-topia and
the one we are proud of and known for is providing an unintimidating personal service where egos are left at the door and helpful encouragement is offered to all levels of guests.


25m heated outdoor pool

Our onsite outdoor heated pool is a constant 27* perfect for the early morning session, roll back the cover and the steam rises of the surface, enjoy!! you are now able to swim, bike and run from Tri-Topia.
Daily 8 o’clock swim sets for you to join in if you like, or later in the day have our swim coach tidy up those bad habits. You can take a 1 on 1 session with underwater video analysis and guidance through the week. This gives us a chance to look in detail at someones technique enabling us to make some slight changes to help you move throught the water faster and with less effort. The family will have fun too and can use the pool during most of the day when lessons are over. The outdoor decking area is the perfect place to sit together and unwind after a session.



Our on site gym allows you and our coaches to tackle your endurance training from all angles, and gives you some space to stretch and take part in the weekly yoga sessions. We have everything you need for you to follow your own (or one of our) strength, core, and/or stability programmes. It even has a climbing wall and equipment for the younger ones! Or turn up the music and hop on the turbo trainer while others watch you suffer from the jacuzzi!




Sauna, Jacuzzi and Massage

You deserve the very best facilities on your training holiday. This spring 2013 we added a hydrotherapy Jacuzzi. It all helps to relax and ease the muscles ready for another great day of training.

Relax and detox in our sauna. Ease out those tired legs or just enjoy winding down. We also have Tri-Topia’s sports Masseuse who is on hand (excuse the pun!!) to give you a post training rub down, working out any tightness in your body. Or alternativley you could have a relaxing Swedish Massage.


VO2 and metabolic testing

Each person has an optimal training zone-sometimes called target heart rate. Charts you see on exercise equipment and wall charts are just averages based on age and weight. At Tri-topia we can measure your precise target heart rate based on anerobic threshold, then calculate your unique target intensity zones. These zones give you precise heart rates necessary to optimize each level of exercise and maximize your results. With target intensity zones, you’ll workout smarter not harder!

Metabolic testing

We now have Metabolic testing that is a simple, 10 minute breath test.During the test, the air you breath out is analyzed to determine exactly how much oxygen your body consumed. This is how your metabolic rate is measured. Once completed, your metabolic rate will be used to calculate your caloric zones. These zones provide powerful information to help you lose weight. Your zones will show you how to eat the MAXIMUM amount of food and still lose weight. Your body will be healthy, happy, and satisfied.