ETU European long distance champs Vichy

Finally, I got the result I knew was in me 9:26:27 a new pb 2nd in AG and 28th overall, “Am I happy? You bet!”.

vichy bike frount

Challenge as always put on a fantastic race, great atmosphere well organized and family freindly.

Swim 3.8k bouyed all the way so sighting was made easy, I went to the string of bouys and found clear water from the start. My swim is not great so I was pleased to have my wetsuit on this year. Time 1:09.

Bike 180k This for me is where my race begins, the swim is behind me and I can start to asses the day ahead. The bike course is two laps fairly flat only a couple of small climbs at the beginning of each loop. I find my Heart rate too high so ease off to bring it under control. Normally a data and figure addict I find my Garmin is not showing average speed “panic I feel naked”. I decide to leave it and concentrate on keeping the speed above 35kph so I’m plesantly supprised when I hit the 90k mark in 2:22. A quick calculation tells me if I hold this then I’m going under my target time oweb-CVRAA0468f 5hrs “shit am I going too hard? more panic and then I tell myself I’m feeling strong, so I push on. I have no idea where I am in the race I guess that I am possibly in the top few places somewhere I haven’t been before, but I’ve never ridden this well before, later I find out I was in the top 10 in 8th place overall. Finish bike time 4:47.

Run 42k Jumping off the bike I loose a cycle shoe and everyone is screaming and yelling at me about my shoe. Don’t they realise I’m having the race of my life and have more important things to do than collecting my shoe like running a marathon. How will the legs feel? they feel great and I look down at my watch to see my pace, where’s my watch? I’ve left it on the bike ooops. Running a naked marathon no pace no heart rate forget it move on. An Ironman marathon is always going to be tough but all things considered I don’t feel too bad and I’m full of hope.

vichy run

I know that a sub 9:30 is possible but I can’t aford to slow at all. I’m more curtain that a pb is on even if I do slow which everyone does towards the second half of the marathon. But the legs don’t let me down they hurt like hell but I can still hold the pace. I break the marathon down in my head and keep telling myself that most of the day is now behind me, all I have to do is get to 30k mark and then its only a 10k 🙂 well it works for me.


vichy finish cropped

As I come to the end of lap 4 I can now finally turn right and run onto the finishing shoot, Sam passes me Meadow and Sol so we can finish together I’m so emotional I can see the time and can now let the pain go and enjoy the moment, a pb who says you have to get slower with age.

I feel fantastic this to me is like winning the race!

Without my family Sam, Meadow, Sol, and Sennen who put up with daddy’s obsession, I would never be able to experience the feelings I get from racing, “this race makes up for all the bad races I’ve had” I cannot wait for Ironman Lanzarote if I can find this form then my dream of a Kona slot could be getting closer. Finish time 9:26:27