Scary confrontations and IRONMAN Certifications

I’m sitting thousands of meters above the ground watching the sky on the right is still dark and empty nothingness, while the left is turning into layers of blues, pinks, oranges, and everything in between fade into each other as the sun greets us. I wonder what time it is, but then I ask myself, well, the time where? I am everywhere and nowhere and my definition of home is ever changing. The past few weeks I’ve been ‘home’ in Abu Dhabi (for a few different reasons). This morning I was still ‘home’ in Holland for a few hours. Now I am on my way back ‘home’ to Lanzarote for the winter. And I also can’t wait to go back ‘home’ to Tri-topia in France for the spring and summer season. Each one means ‘home’ for a different reason. Whether that’s ‘where the heart is’, ‘where I was born and raised’, or ‘where my bike is!’. Some call me indecisive and unsettled, some spoilt, others say I’m maybe just never contented. My dad calls me a gypsy and my mum a globe-trotter. Me? I’m just grateful to have so many places I can consider home.



My few weeks at home (in Abu Dhabi) were great, but I was also ready to go back home to Lanzarote. I am ready to commit 110% to my training again, and will be working towards IM70.3 Dubai. Being in the shape and condition I’m in at the moment makes me slightly nervous. I haven’t been this unfit and ‘fat’ for a long time and I have to say, it’s a bit of an uncomfortable feeling! As athletes, we love seeing positive numbers, progression, lean bodies and defined muscles. We love the adrenaline rush from those killer sessions and the satisfaction of the after math of intense training. What we (or at least, I..) don’t love so much, are the slogging miles, slow paces, weak and unconditioned muscles, and extra pounds in places I haven’t seen them in a long time. The “chubby cheeks” and the extra padding. The confrontation of having had a long off-season.
Yes, I am nervous about getting back to the fitness level I was at and I will need to be patient because it will not – and should not – happen overnight. Let’s have a little reality check. Let’s see… we are in December now. That means I have about nine months until I need to reach that peak. 36 weeks. About 252 days.

Then, there’s a relativity check. Because really, as a person, I am clearly not fat and unfit. Someone who doesn’t think twice about riding 160km as the day’s morning session, or running 22km before breakfast the following day, can’t really be unfit. It’s only the wanna-be superhuman in me who is overweight, slow, weak, and incapable.

Next, there’s a positivity check. Because coming down from peak fitness during the off season is necessary for the body and mind. And I’ve had a very enjoyable and productive one. Besides our travel adventure from last month’s blog, I managed to spend my time usefully doing something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I started the IRONMAN University Coaching Course a little while back. After sending in the written part of the exam, I was stoked to receive a congratulatory email from IRONMAN, and being certified as an official IRONMAN Coach! I’ve been able to learn from the boss himself, sir Lee Thomas, for years now and I a excite to begin working along side him as a 3Peaks Coach. I hope to take on a few athletes for this upcoming season and do my very best to help them reach their individual goals! If you so happen to be interested in working with me to help you fulfill your triathlon dreams, please get in touch! You can email me with any questions at 🙂


THAT REMINDS ME! I am so excited about running a camp in Lanzarote this winter. And there are still a few spaces left! Join us in the week of February 5-12 for some amazing training in the sunshine. I promise you won’t regret a training holiday on this Canarian Paradise.

So although it’s scary to be confronted with my level of fitness at the moment, the off-season has been a good one and there are so many things to look forward to and keep me motivated. I can’t wait to be back home in Lanzarote and start (or should I say – resume..) my journey of obsessive training and unlimited dedication towards becoming fitter-faster-stronger than ever before.