Blood sweat and tears-building Tri-topia

These are a collection of photos of the first day we visited the barns, a lot of imagination was needed. Luckily Dad had been in this position many times before and his ideas for the build came flooding in.

First we built our house which is in the centre of the photo. Meadow our first child was now 3 years old. We moved into a caravan inside one of the barns, whilst this barn was converted.

The total build took 4 years to complete, although I believe we’ll never be truly finished as every year we aim to improve our facilitys to an even higher standard.

The pool was built in 2 months over winter 2012 this was also built by my dad and I with help from friends Oli and Graham. To make things more challenging temperature plummeted to -23* bbrrrr..


building overwhelmed


no roofthe gite

house scafolding

super dave

big hole

amy tea lady

emty pool

standing in pool

table tenis table

garden and pool

finished house