Adjusting and anticipating… (Leanne)

As I’m writing the first (of hopefully many) post of my training blog, I am currently forced with my second rest day in a row. Those who have spent time with me on rest days know that this is both bad news for me and those who are forced to spend time with me ☺

2016-01-02 08.22.26 2Although training has been going really well out here in Lanzarote, my race lead-up has been a bit less than ideal. After a good open water smash fest with Lee in the support dinghy, I went down to get the anchor unstuck from the bottom, resulting in a perforated eardum. Having been banned from swimming for the past week, we were hoping to get back in the water today. Unfortunately my ear is healing far less quickly than expected and my body seems to be busy battling against other things besides power and speed. Antibiotics can really take a toll on your body and sometimes we just have to accept the circumstances and make the best of it! It’s always easy to think about all the workouts you are missing out on and forget about all the successful smash fests we already went through that have made us stronger than we think we are. I’m glad I have Coach Lee nearby to prevent me from getting into any ‘panic-training’. With race day less than 4 weeks away, we will adjust the plan as necessary and I will do my best to stay calm and trust the training.

Last week the aim was to cover 70.3 distance at race pace over three days. This meant I had two long-ish bike rides including 20k straight at race pace, followed by brick runs of 1k reps. On Sunday we drove up to the race course to ride 40k at race effort, followed by an 8k brick run. With the hills stacked up on this first half of the race course, the average speed was very disappointing but luckily the run was right on target. If all goes well, we’ll be covering race effort over two days this week. The next few days are an anticipation of my body’s response to the antibiotics treatment and we will adjust the training plan accordingly!