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  • Lanzarote Camp 2015/2016 October 8,2016

    Lanzarote Camp 2015/2016

    While most other athletes were getting their winter miles done in the cold and miserable weather back home, four Tri-Topians plus Team Lee+Leanne+Sam enjoyed a week of swim-bike-run in perfect training conditions. Fueled by our daily dose of Lanzarote’s sunshine, we swum, cycled, and ran to shred some of those festive holiday pounds and get in some solid early season training. (Un)fortunately the Spanish tapas and wine were too good to resist and besides all the training our guests also enjoyed some relaxing evenings out.

    The Tri-Topians

    The Tri-Topians

    Our training on the bike included a few ‘easy’ long rides, as well as a day stacked with the island’s toughest hills, and a road FTP test to finish off the week. We ran up Montana Roja to enjoy a stunning view of Playa Blanca, and swam in the crystal clear waters with our private support dinghy.

    Tri-Topia Triathlon Holidays Lanzarote

    Tri-Topia Triathlon Holidays Lanzarote

    All in all a successful week with plenty of triathlon training, eating, and drinking! We can’t wait to welcome more Tri-Topians to our favorite training island next season. Keep an eye on our website for more info about the 2016/2017 winter camps!

    Cycling with support crew Thomas

    Cycling with support crew Thomas

  • Lanzarote camp 15th-22nd January 2016 May 7,2015

    Tri-topia are running a camp in Lanzarote from the 15th-22nd January, from a private villa on a B+B basis. We’ll pick you up from the airport and provide you with a week of training to set you up for a great season. You’ll have a chance to ride the many famous climbs of the island, swim some amazing open water locations all in the early season sunshine. It’ll be a small intimate group of just 10 athletes, no egos please just good fun positive people looking for a solid training week.

    £500 excluding flights BOOK NOW


  • A brand new season January 24,2015


    At the end of last season we packed up and left Tri-topia for our road trip to the Canary islands, for a 6 month return to our previous life before Tri-topia on board a little sailing yacht Magic Dragon. With all intentions of stopping off in Barcelona for the Ironman. I had a good feeling going into this race after a good finish at Vichy half of 4:26 and my new Dassi stead, I felt the fast flat bike course would play to my strengths.

    Fate had another plan for me and on the drive down I put my back out and instead of continuing all the way south to not be able to race we all turn west to Cadiz and the ferry to Lanzarote. I was disappointed but it’s the only time in 10 Ironman races that I’ve had to DNS…..

    The sailing around the islands has been amazing, we’ve seen Dolphins and once we were joined for an hour by a 20m Fin whale and her calf. Truly wonderful although Meadow did find the whale encounter a little too close for comfort as they were huge, much bigger than the boat.

    I’ve been in trouble with Sam for taking 2 bikes and 5 surf boards, boys need their toys. But with the 3 kids an incontinent Jack Russell life on board a 10m boat has been cosy. We’ve had great fun but training has not been going as planned and I don’t feel very fit. So 2 months to go before our doors open to 2015, I’m training like a man possessed and Sam is picking up the pieces nothing new there she’s a champ x.

    We’ll be back in the UK for the TCR show in February then straight to Tri-topia to fix the pool which a hedgehog yes you did read correctly a hedgehog put it claws through. The manic lawn cutting weed digging and general tidy up before the opening week April 4th.

    Those of you who know Sam and I realise we’re not IT experts it’s taken all winter to update the website with course dates. Sorry about that but finally all is working well and the bookings are coming in as people are making their plans and races for 2015. So join the crowd and choose your date and drop us a line, we all look forward to a new season, our 6th as Tri-topia.

    See you soon, Lee Sam and the clan.

  • ETU European long distance champs Vichy September 12,2013

    Finally, I got the result I knew was in me 9:26:27 a new pb 2nd in AG and 28th overall, “Am I happy? You bet!”.

    vichy bike frount

    Challenge as always put on a fantastic race, great atmosphere well organized and family freindly.

    Swim 3.8k bouyed all the way so sighting was made easy, I went to the string of bouys and found clear water from the start. My swim is not great so I was pleased to have my wetsuit on this year. Time 1:09.

    Bike 180k This for me is where my race begins, the swim is behind me and I can start to asses the day ahead. The bike course is two laps fairly flat only a couple of small climbs at the beginning of each loop. I find my Heart rate too high so ease off to bring it under control. Normally a data and figure addict I find my Garmin is not showing average speed “panic I feel naked”. I decide to leave it and concentrate on keeping the speed above 35kph so I’m plesantly supprised when I hit the 90k mark in 2:22. A quick calculation tells me if I hold this then I’m going under my target time oweb-CVRAA0468f 5hrs “shit am I going too hard? more panic and then I tell myself I’m feeling strong, so I push on. I have no idea where I am in the race I guess that I am possibly in the top few places somewhere I haven’t been before, but I’ve never ridden this well before, later I find out I was in the top 10 in 8th place overall. Finish bike time 4:47.

    Run 42k Jumping off the bike I loose a cycle shoe and everyone is screaming and yelling at me about my shoe. Don’t they realise I’m having the race of my life and have more important things to do than collecting my shoe like running a marathon. How will the legs feel? they feel great and I look down at my watch to see my pace, where’s my watch? I’ve left it on the bike ooops. Running a naked marathon no pace no heart rate forget it move on. An Ironman marathon is always going to be tough but all things considered I don’t feel too bad and I’m full of hope.

    vichy run

    I know that a sub 9:30 is possible but I can’t aford to slow at all. I’m more curtain that a pb is on even if I do slow which everyone does towards the second half of the marathon. But the legs don’t let me down they hurt like hell but I can still hold the pace. I break the marathon down in my head and keep telling myself that most of the day is now behind me, all I have to do is get to 30k mark and then its only a 10k 🙂 well it works for me.


    vichy finish cropped

    As I come to the end of lap 4 I can now finally turn right and run onto the finishing shoot, Sam passes me Meadow and Sol so we can finish together I’m so emotional I can see the time and can now let the pain go and enjoy the moment, a pb who says you have to get slower with age.

    I feel fantastic this to me is like winning the race!

    Without my family Sam, Meadow, Sol, and Sennen who put up with daddy’s obsession, I would never be able to experience the feelings I get from racing, “this race makes up for all the bad races I’ve had” I cannot wait for Ironman Lanzarote if I can find this form then my dream of a Kona slot could be getting closer. Finish time 9:26:27

  • Performance Lab. July 21,2013

    Our new gym and performance testing Lab, here you’ll be able to choose from our menu of treatments. These services will be an optional extra and will not effect the price of your Tri-topia holiday. The gym is much improved giving us more space for Yoga , and core + conditioning sessions, for us all to enjoy, new equipment including treadmill, computrainer, large flat screen TV and pumping sound system.

    photo (4)

    Available treatments

    • myofascial release massage
    • body alignment consultation
    • Dry needling
    • VO2 max test, Lactate test
    • Professional Bike fitting
    • Gait analysis

    These treatments are usually the domain of elite athletes, Tri-topia want all athletes to benefit from testing giving us all the chance to reach our full potential, understanding how important you take your training this is where it starts.

    The cost for the services will be extremely reasonable – prices will be decided soon and posted on this page.

  • Ironman Nice-Race day.. July 16,2013

    IM NICE. 4am…….I slept well all things considered and jumped out of bed to my pump up kicks alarm, It feels good that the day is finally here and all the training is done, I’ve had a long build up to this race,starting way back in October. Focusing on running through the winter,I know I’ve got a good run in me.

    Holding back on the new Shiv is going to be the hardest bit as all the Euro cyclists dance by, I’m racing on power this time and although I train on power I have never raced with it, stupid really as I know what has worked in training, those sexy carbon race wheels alway worm their way onto my bike. I’m really looking forward to the bike course it’s going to be very beautiful with lots of climbing, what goes up must come down fingers crossed that the power numbers and the descents add up to a reasonable split.

    Aiming for 10 hrs will not be an easy task, so far so good.

    1x large porridge with milk 400cal
    1x execute protein drink 140cal
    1x banana 125cal
    1x coffee with sugar+milk. 60cal
    1x orange juice. 90cal
    Total 815 cals
    Taking a break from eating feel so stuffed first time today I ask WHY!
    Swim start.

    OMG crazy as usual, I put myself in a pen which corresponded with expected finish swim time, but it was a mass start and seemed to make no difference everyone was just fighting for position as usual. I couldn’t take more than 1 stroke before having to stop and get some room then try again.Those of you who’ve done mass start before knows how frustrating this is.

    I personally feel staggering the swim start into age groups would be the best thing for Ironman, lets face it the pros don’t have to fight with 3000 other swimmers. Its a long tough day and this to me is not a true show of your swim potential.

    SWIM TIME. 1:11 my slowest ever but pretty much what I deserved from the swim training I put in.

    I actually put a hole in the shoulder of my wetsuit the day before the race and the duck tape didn’t hold up.

    T1 was a long run from the beach and an even longer run to the bikes, this went smooth enough and I was soon in my comfort zone on my bike.

    I must admit its not wise to change anything on race day like nutrition, clothing, googles, the worst thing you could do is try a brand new bike. So i jumped on my new specialized Shiv to take her for her first ever ride over 10k. Ooooops .

    How was the new bike ? “Awesome ” I felt instantly at home and totally stable on the steep descents anyone looking for a long distance tri bike look no further these bikes are amazing.

    The bike course of Nice is known as one of the most beautiful on the IM circuit Climbing through small mountain villages looking down on Nice and the coastal towns in the distance.

    The weather was kind to us slightly overcast and cool “perfect” .
    I stuck to my race plan, my watts seemed to give me a good average speed giving me a chance of the 5:30 bike split I needed for setting me up for the days plan of a time close to 10hrs.

    I saw some awful crashes on the descents people were just going down hill totally out of control, I had to get past quite a few to feel safe. I was really happy on the shiv and was on the tri bars for most of the descents the faster I went the more stable she became.

    Boys and their toys I was in a happy place lying on the tri bars of my fighter plane as i flew down the mountain side ooooooh amazing I just twiddled a few knobs on the inflight dashboard “my Garmin” and watched the average speed come up.

    I found the bike course the easiest I’ve done, time just flew by and before I knew it, I was over all the major climbs and heading for T2.

    Bike split 5:37 so lost another 7 mins.

    Swim 1:11

    T1. :5

    Bike. 5:37

    T2. :4

    Time so far. 6:57

    So I’d been left without the buffer I needed and I knew going into the run it wasn’t going to be good enough for a slot. Not a great way to start a marathon
    I knew even then that IF I’d swam a 1:05 and biked a 5:25 then I would have had it all to play for.

    I started the run feeling the best I’d ever felt going into an IM Marathon and easily hit my 4:40 km pace I even had to keep slowing myself down.
    This feeling was short lived and after only 15k I just hit the wall slowing to a plod, then the Ironman shuffle. Nutrition had put an end to my race again.
    So all that running training was not able to be utilised, very disappointed but mostly frustrated.

    The symptoms I get are strange at first I run along with a 141 HR zone 2 and slowly the HR drops and if I try to pick up the pace to raise the HR then my chest becomes tight and restricted . The frustration comes from not having the chance to push on with tired legs because I can’t reach that point,I want to have that battle with myself but the lack of carbs and the inability to stomach any more gels makes it impossible. I must work on nutrition.

    Run time 3:41

    Finish time 10:41:36

    Monday day after race.

    Well I’ve had time to reflect on the race, at first I was pretty down in the dumps I came 75th in my age group and 415th over all.

    To some these results are except able and fairly good 415th out of nearly 3000 is not bad BUT!! I know I can complete and Ironman this is not my goal anymore my goal is sub 10 or to qualify for Kona.

    This race more than anything has highlighted some home truths I not good enough. That may sound a little negative, I know where I can improve to some it may seem I train hard enough and can do no more. However I know where I have become complacent and where my weaknesses lay.

    I could easily give up and say I’m not good enough I’m getting older and so on but I 100% don’t believe this to be true.

    My faults are not fitness on the bike or run I am more than strong enough to hit the times With out much changing in my plan, my problems lie in my sociology.

    I’m not happy to except this but I feel I may be giving up if my times don’t add up to me hitting my goals, subconsciously at least I may be giving up.
    I don’t train enough in my swimming I hate swimming and know that I’ll get around 1:10 or faster whether I train or not, my fellow competitors are not taking anything for granted and with this attitude I don’t deserve to qualify.
    If I’m right with my scicoligy of giving up then putting myself behind by 10 miniuts from the start is setting me up for failure.

    After the race I found out that the person I passed lying with a medic on one of the descents had died in his crash.

    This definitely puts things in perspective and my thoughts go out to his family, this will sadden the whole Ironman community.

  • Blood sweat and tears-building Tri-topia July 16,2013

    These are a collection of photos of the first day we visited the barns, a lot of imagination was needed. Luckily Dad had been in this position many times before and his ideas for the build came flooding in.

    First we built our house which is in the centre of the photo. Meadow our first child was now 3 years old. We moved into a caravan inside one of the barns, whilst this barn was converted.

    The total build took 4 years to complete, although I believe we’ll never be truly finished as every year we aim to improve our facilitys to an even higher standard.

    The pool was built in 2 months over winter 2012 this was also built by my dad and I with help from friends Oli and Graham. To make things more challenging temperature plummeted to -23* bbrrrr..


    building overwhelmed


    no roofthe gite

    house scafolding

    super dave

    big hole

    amy tea lady

    emty pool

    standing in pool

    table tenis table

    garden and pool

    finished house

  • Bound for Ironman Nice June 17,2013

    Tri-topia closes its doors this week as the team are off to Nice. We’ve left Jenny with a bucket of Pig food for Kerrie and Neil and she was happy to hand in her florescent jacket and have a break from standing on a deserted corner at our set up aid station.

    All things considered Im feeling ready to rock at Nice and fly the Tri-topia colours. Thanks for all the good luck messages now I can just try my best


    neil and kerrie pig

    oink oink

    showing off the new kit

    showing off the new kit


  • Ironman, Nice November 5,2012

    So im all signed up for ironman Nice, i have a few worries about the mountainous bike coarse as I have no hills here where I live to replicate the training needed.


    Before I go on about the bike, i was sent a very helpful swim post from the swim smooth guys about css “critical swim speed” the point they made was that we have a measurement of effort for the bike watts and power meters, on the run we have GPS and heart rate monitors, a simple fitness test can tell us how to hit the correct training intensity to work the system we are trying to improve. They have a calculator on their site which if you know your 400M PB and your 200m PB then it will calculate the best pace per 100 for you to train to best improve your speed over distance swims. have a look for your pace and train at the correct level this winter and come into the summer smashing your tri swim times.


    Now my bike workouts are repetitive but I know they are what I need, so I repeat them 2-3 times a week. I am focusing on improving my FTP “functional threshold power” this is the most important number to increase as a triathlete we don’t need huge top end sprinting power its not used in a triathlon.

    I do 10mins warm up followed by 20mins@85% FTP 4mins recovery 20mins @85% FTP I will be increasing the watts I need to hold for the 20mins every couple of weeks and checking my FTP every 4-5weeks. I will add an extra interval as my fitness gains allow.

    All the intervals in the world won’t help my endurance so this winter I really will be doing some huge volume, it has to be more than previous years to work on endurance, so I won’t see the family again till the summer. Ooops I forgot about a balanced life style. I’ve got a half marathon in 3 weeks time i’ m looking forward to it and will use it to push hard.

    All the long slow running I’ve been doing these last few years have made me a bit shy of pain so I’ll be racing a few races this winter.

    Can’t wait to get started !

  • Juggling the numbers September 24,2012

    On reflection yesterday just makes me even more determined to get faster. I’ve been doing lots of what ifs and juggling numbers to see where I may of came if I had been able to finish but I DNFd so move on that’s it behind me.

    Now what did I learn from yesterday that may help me in the future?

    My lousy swim is where most of my improvement can be made, to get any chance of a Kona slot I need to be on the bike within the hour. I loose almost 10 minutes here. How can I get 10 mins faster? that’s the difference between 1:45 per 100m and 1:35.

    A wetsuit swim helps me a lot but I don’t want to be a lazy swimmer and just rely on my wetsuit for poor swimming so I will think up some simple progression sessions for the pool. I’ll post the sessions I do and the times I’m hitting so if relevant to yourself you could follow and let me know how you get on.

    As for the bike and run I’m going to concentrate on quality and speed, not so much on endurance as I feel I have good endurance from all the long rides and races I’ve done.

    I may join the local cycling club and ride with pure cyclists for the winter this will shake up my cycling. And race some half marathons and 10ks for run speed, there I feel better already just from writing it down.