Our partners

We ask you, our guests to help us support these british companies that support us. Together we’ll bring you quality products and services. This then allows us to offer discounts on products. We have chosen only to work with companies we feel have the sport of triathlon at the heart of their business. Small British companies who still care about providing customer care and not just profit margins.

Snugg wetsuits of Cornwall.


Snugg is the love child of Malcolm Ball

Conceived in 1982 Malcolm set about making a warmer wetsuit for fellow surfers, 25 years down the line, Snugg now boasts an extensive range of high performance, sport specific wetsuits.

Snugg wetsuits are tailor made to your exact dimensions, individually hand made in our workshop in Cornwall.

As each suit is individually hand crafted by our dedicated team, you can be assured of an excellent fit and unrivalled customer service.

Dassi bikes.


The British brand

Dassi strives to bring its customers a British product based on a British aeronautical engineering heritage. We design in the UK, partially manufacture in the UK and fully assemble our products in the UK.

Performance and elegance

Dassi provides elegant performance based bike products that addresses the riders desires for individualism. Our performance is delivered through meticulous design and rider testing. Our bikes not only deliver an elevated riding experience, but equally draw others to wish they owned one or two.


Mark is a personal friend an inspiration to all and highly experienced triathlon coach, Mark runs a training camp with us every year.


Ironmate LogoIronman And Triathlon Training Tips & Coaching

Within this site you can find just about everything there is to know about training and competing at triathlon whether you are a complete novice contemplating your first race, an experienced amateur hunting down some extra speed or even a professional triathlete trying to stay just one second ahead of the competition. Ironmate.co.uk is quite possibly the largest information web site for triathletes in the world put together by one author, with over 700 pages and 600,000 words of content at last count. If you need to know something about triathlon or Ironman then the answer is almost certainly here.


Torq nutrition.


We met these guys 5 years ago at the Sandown  triathlon show they have grown into one of the leading nutrition brands and we are proud to offer our guests their products.





Our mission is to encourage and inspire every person in the world, of every age and every ability in spite any personal circumstance, to take up and excel in sport as a life-long lifestyle. With a commitment to a sport, comes body and nutritional knowledge, mental strength and positive social infrastructure.

A huge perhaps daunting goal, but hopefully one you agree is worth gunning for.