A brand new season


At the end of last season we packed up and left Tri-topia for our road trip to the Canary islands, for a 6 month return to our previous life before Tri-topia on board a little sailing yacht Magic Dragon. With all intentions of stopping off in Barcelona for the Ironman. I had a good feeling going into this race after a good finish at Vichy half of 4:26 and my new Dassi stead, I felt the fast flat bike course would play to my strengths.

Fate had another plan for me and on the drive down I put my back out and instead of continuing all the way south to not be able to race we all turn west to Cadiz and the ferry to Lanzarote. I was disappointed but it’s the only time in 10 Ironman races that I’ve had to DNS…..

The sailing around the islands has been amazing, we’ve seen Dolphins and once we were joined for an hour by a 20m Fin whale and her calf. Truly wonderful although Meadow did find the whale encounter a little too close for comfort as they were huge, much bigger than the boat.

I’ve been in trouble with Sam for taking 2 bikes and 5 surf boards, boys need their toys. But with the 3 kids an incontinent Jack Russell life on board a 10m boat has been cosy. We’ve had great fun but training has not been going as planned and I don’t feel very fit. So 2 months to go before our doors open to 2015, I’m training like a man possessed and Sam is picking up the pieces nothing new there she’s a champ x.

We’ll be back in the UK for the TCR show in February then straight to Tri-topia to fix the pool which a hedgehog yes you did read correctly a hedgehog put it claws through. The manic lawn cutting weed digging and general tidy up before the opening week April 4th.

Those of you who know Sam and I realise we’re not IT experts it’s taken all winter to update the website with course dates. Sorry about that but finally all is working well and the bookings are coming in as people are making their plans and races for 2015. So join the crowd and choose your date and drop us a line, we all look forward to a new season, our 6th as Tri-topia.

See you soon, Lee Sam and the clan.