Brain Training Apps to Train Your Mind and Improve Memory

The world of smartphone applications continues to grow, providing the public with a wide variety of tools for topics as varied as social networks, sports, productivity, photography, music, movies, education or health.

apps to train the mind

One of the most useful categories for our well-being is that of apps to strengthen mental abilities because exercising the brain on a regular basis helps us to keep the mind active in our day to day. In addition, it contributes to strengthening neuronal connectivity and preventing the appearance of neurodegenerative diseases.


This app has more than 90 million users worldwide, to which it offers games designed in collaboration with neuroscientists. The objective is to encourage people to carry out different tasks every day as cognitive training, to exercise memory, logic, critical thinking or mathematics. In addition, it provides tips to improve the activity and information on cognitive patterns of each user.

Brain trainer

This app promises to improve the brain quickly in areas like short-term memory, concentration, speed, or precision. All this thanks to exercises of mental agility to strengthen multitasking, quick search, mathematics, focus, colour, memory and balance between the two hemispheres of the brain.


It is a set of logic games to improve memory, train the sense of reflection, increase precision and speed, learn colour coordination and enhance mental ability.

Mental games

More than 35 fun mind games to stimulate the four key areas of the brain: memory, concentration, problem solving and mental calculation. From the app, they recommend training a couple of minutes each day in short sessions to keep the brain stimulated.


A different approach to train the mind: through puzzles. It has 600 levels to gradually develop the brain. From the app, they assure that this type of games is very useful, both for adults and children, to strengthen memory, attention, flexibility, concentration and mental speed.


With more than 15 million users worldwide, this app offers 17 exercises with 250 levels for the brain to progress properly. It has the endorsement of having been awarded by the Federal Ministry of Health in Germany; In addition, the General Department of Psychology of the Free University of Berlin guarantees the effectiveness of its exercises.

Big Brain

Set of 25 games to train the mind based on problems of everyday life and divided into five categories: calculate, identify, analyze, agility and memorize. The goal of this app is to improve everyday skills, such as finding a lost email address or remembering the name of someone who has recently been introduced to us.

All these applications are very useful to keep the mind active. We must not forget that the brain can and must be trained to optimize its functioning and take advantage of its full potential.


How To Protect Your Privacy When We Play Online?

The world of video games has levelled up thanks to the arrival of online game modes. What very few know is that many users expose their personal data running the risk that they end up in the wrong hands. Do you want to know how to solve it?

Privacy When We Play Online

Years ago, video games only had a story mode, but the arrival of online mode – where players could interact with others regardless of time and place – was a revolution for the industry. The problem that few users know is that playing online can put our privacy at risk.

Our Data at Stake

Many people believe that their data is safe when they use the online mode of video games, but it must be remembered that in recent years there have been several attacks in the industry. This is the case of Sony PlayStation, where there was a security breach in the PlayStation Network, thus causing a massive theft of passwords and bank details of the players.

And it is that gamers transfer all kinds of data on their game consoles. Not only the simple ones like the name and age, but also information that may be insignificant, but that can be used to know the player’s routine, such as the timeline of his activity and the achievements obtained throughout the day.

When we create a user for our console it does not mean that it is valid in all video games. There are developers who ask to create a separate user in order to enjoy the online service. In that case, it may be advisable to use different nicknames and passwords, and thus avoid that in case our data is in danger it is not of great magnitude.

Beware of accessories

Video consoles have been evolving in order to improve the player experience. For example, Xbox and PlayStation have cameras as accessories in those games in which it is necessary to use our bodies to perform actions such as dancing or exercising.

This can put our privacy at risk because sometimes we do not know if the images collected by our camera could end up in the hands of the company that developed the video game or, what is worse, in the hands of other users.

It is also advisable to take extreme precautions with portable consoles, and even mobile consoles, since these devices can provide our geolocation data since there are games that reward the player for travelling kilometres in real life. These data that we provide can become an easy target for other players whose intentions are not appropriate.

Play With Your Head

From we recommend our gamers, readers, to enjoy video games, but with caution when providing data when creating a nickname.

It is also advisable to review the terms and conditions provided by video games, in order to be aware of where our data will end up. And here, we remember that, as a rule, it is not appropriate to put our real name, surname or date of birth as a nickname.


Artificial Intelligence Arrives at Job Interviews

The Artificial Intelligence is part of our daily lives. Many homes have devices of this technology such as Aura, Telef√≥nica’s Artificial Intelligence; and they have even become a very important tool in some sectors. But the novelty is in the use of Artificial Intelligence in job interviews.

Artificial Intelligence

In 2018, 40% of large companies such as Amazon, Tesla or LinkedIn, used AI applications in their selection processes, where candidates face game-like tests in order to demonstrate their expertise in a given situation.

The use of these systems has reduced the hiring time by 75% and the costs of carrying out a selection process by 25%.

Any Detail Counts

Many users who have come to an interview have taken care of the smallest detail in order to make a real interviewer feel good, but you also have to take care of all the details if the interview is not carried out by an AI.

One of the most used tools by companies is HireVue. The purpose of this application is to conduct the interview via videoconference and analyze responses and body gestures. Obtain more than 25,000 information points from the applicant in a 15-minute interview.

Another of the most used software by companies is Pymetrics, which allows the interviewee to perform psychotechnical tests through games. In this way, they detect the candidate’s ability to interpret a situation and solve the problem.

Classes to “beat” AI

With the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, the need arises to learn how to pass the tests when it comes to finding a job.

For example, in South Korea, they are teaching students to pass the selection process for a small fee, 100,000 won, which is equivalent to 78 euros.

In 2019 these courses exceeded 700 students who were students, recent graduates and even teachers. This figure is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years. Although these courses do not guarantee that students exceed AI expectations.

The case of South Korea may be striking for users, but Artificial Intelligence in job interviews is also found in the world.

Several companies claim that the use of Artificial Intelligence in job interviews improves the candidate’s experience and is a very important tool to select a large number of applicants.

Another point in favour is that it eliminates the biases of the candidates and selects those whose competencies are adequate to the requirements that the company requests.

As you can see, Artificial Intelligence is making great strides. What will it bring us soon?